Turn to natural | Go-to-market in the EU

Renew or expand your beauty & personal care line

We can help you revitalize your line and make it natural. 

A key step in the success of a brand is to renew its beauty line in order to evolve with its customers. 

We help you to expand your cosmetic line and exceed your customers’ expectations with healthy and effective natural skin cares.

Launch & Develop your skincare range on the EU market

All non-European cosmetics must have a legal representative in order to be marketed in the EU. 

As a European GMP laboratory, we help you to launch your products in the EU as a legal representative. 

First, we will verify that your ingredients are authorized by EU regulations. 

Then, we will perform a series of mandatory tests, from 6 to 8 months, to allow the registration of the formula in the European catalog.

Need support to initialize retail and wholesale distribution?

We can help you by defining with you the sales strategy and operational approach to retail and wholesale.

Once the strategy is defined, we will report regularly on our progress and the feedback we receive on your cosmetic product. 

Thus, our objective is to allow you to initialize the marketing of your cosmetic product in order to give you the best keys to scale up.