What tests have our natural cosmetics been subjected to?

Overview of the tests, lasting approximately 6-8 months:


To ensure that the product meets expected physical, chemical and microbiological standards when stored under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions.

Challenge or PET

 This is a test of the effectiveness of preservatives and the introduction of microbes to ensure that there is no possible proliferation. This test simulates daily use in a bathroom, for example, with regular opening of the product and the introduction of germs through the fingers. 

Ageing/packaging compatibility 

This test ensures that there is no interaction, reaction or transfer between the contents and the packaging.


Test carried out on humans for 48 hours. The product is placed in permanent contact for two days on a targeted part of the skin.

Eye irritation 

Test performed only in certain cases.


Microbial screening

Heavy metals screening

Cannabinoids screening

Once the above steps are completed:

Compilation of the Product Information Package (PIP) 

Compilation of all test reports, complete technical and quality information on each ingredient, certificates (VOC, heavy metals, no animal testing) from each ingredient supplier, and the same for each packaging component. 

This file also contains the packaging illustration associated with the product

Toxicologist Review

The accredited toxicologist reviews the BIP and validates or requests modifications. 

He or she also reviews the mock-up of the product to be marketed and writes a report on the safety of the cosmetic product.

CPNP notification (Cosmetics Product Notification Portal)

With the green light from the toxicologist, we notify the product on this European portal, and your product has a unique “passport” allowing it to be sold in the EU.¬†

For White-Label, all you need to do is update the Product Information Form (PIF) to include your brand information and product presentation.

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