Modification of components

Is it possible to modify, increase some components or add additional scents?

Fabricann follows the European regulation for cosmetics.

It applies to all the cosmetics we produce, even those intended for countries outside the EU.

Any change, whether it is the addition or deletion of certain substances or even fragrances, requires a new compliance review using the tests listed below. 

Even if the change is minor and unlikely to affect the stability of the formula, the change will involve a months-long testing process on spec. 

We can only remove CBD in certain cases.

You want to adapt one of our formulas?

This is a private label formulation, with its own budget and timeline.

We have already created products containing up to 25 active ingredients with CBD and CBG. 

You will find the process with a questionnaire to express your wishes via this link

The questionnaire covers your target, desired functions, fragrance, texture, viscosity, percentage of natural and organic ingredients, price, etc. 

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