What tests have our natural cosmetics been subjected to?

Overview of the tests, lasting approximately 6-8 months: Stability To ensure that the product meets expected physical, chemical and microbiological standards when stored under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions. Challenge or PET  This is a test of the effectiveness of preservatives and the introduction of microbes to ensure that there is no possible proliferation. This […]

Modification of components

Is it possible to modify, increase some components or add additional scents? Fabricann follows the European regulation for cosmetics. It applies to all the cosmetics we produce, even those intended for countries outside the EU. Any change, whether it is the addition or deletion of certain substances or even fragrances, requires a new compliance review […]

Composition of active ingredients, including CBD, in our products.

The quality and effectiveness of a cosmetic depends on the purity of the natural ingredients. The quantity does not matter because the natural active ingredients in cosmetics are generally present between 0.1% and 0.9%. The manufacturing method is therefore essential in order to preserve all the properties of the natural compounds. For over 30 years, […]