Why us?

Specialized in plant extracts since 1986,
our GMP Cosmetics laboratory in Provence has become an expert in natural cosmetics.
We create and manufacture personalized skin care products
Respectful of the skin, the body and our planet
With exceptional natural effectiveness

How we grow and produce
natural clean beauty product from

Cultivation of our hemp

Today, we grow over 300 hectares of cannabis from which we extract CBD and hemp oil, the two key ingredients in our cosmetics, to ensure optimal quality and safety. And because we are also dedicated to medical and therapeutic cannabis.

Premium natural ingredients

We work with the best natural ingredients as much as possible organic. We are exclusive partners with farms that supply us with premium natural ingredients. Thus, we master the whole value chain, from nature to skin.

From nature to skin

We have developed true clean beauty products that maximize the power of plants on the skin and hair. According to the world's strictest standards for cosmetic compliance. As such, all of our skincare products are EU tested and certified.

Why clean beauty?

We design our cosmetic line to be effective and as organic as possible

Our products are formulated to cover a daily care routine, or layering, for all skin, hair, and beard types.  All the natural active ingredients have only one goal, to provide incomparable well-being in a clean way.  

Clean formulas with natural active compounds

All the natural active compounds have specific actions which, by acting together, multiply their powers.  Our added value is the “clean” character of our formulas. 

All our products are free of harmful synthetic substances or petrochemical derivatives which should be avoided at all costs. 

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Our cosmetics are respectful of the environment and the body. Certified without controversial or hazardous substances. In addition, all our products have a shelf life of 2 years which is unique for natural formulas. Our R&D has enabled us to offer the best synergy of all the best natural ingredients with dazzling properties.

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Market-ready customized cosmetics
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Research & Development
Personalized skin care formula
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Natural Ingredients
We are experts in natural alternatives in cosmetics.
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